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OC - Questions (WoW Based)

Sat Mar 14, 2015, 5:26 PM

Stole this from moonbound92, The-Zombie-Cat, FadedLightning, and The-Serene-Mage

1) First list all your OCs by first name so we can see your list of all your wonderful OCs:

(I had my friend FatKittyCat pick 10 of my characters and this is the order they were picked in. NOTE: They are my WoW Characters)

1. Meekie
2. Chapstick
3. Eala
4. Halei
5. Ydain
6. Park
7. Dopray
8. Anji
9. Lianic
10. Ritin

2) Who is your favorite OC?

What! No, not fair! I don't want to pick. Sadness! So, out of all of these my favorite would probably be Meekie.

3) Who is your least favorite?

Chapstick. I know! There is just something about her - I use to adore her. I am sure I will again.

4) Who is your most developed?

Meekie. She seems to get the most love and has the most back story and creation to her.

5) Which OC would you want to date if they magically came to life?

I don't date the ladies. BUT if I did, and this happened, I would probably say Eala.

6) How many girl OCs do you have? Boy OCs? It OCs?

Of the characters listed, they are all female - unless they are not telling me something...

7) If you were stuck in a burning building what do you think the third OC on your list would do?

Eala? She would probably get me out of there, then find the jack-weenie that started the fire and show them how to handle fire,!

8) Name one thing you regret about one of your OCs.

The thing that I regret about one of my OCs? Nothing really - if anything I regret not giving each of them enough love that they deserve.

9) Which of your OCs do you think would make the best father/mother/it parent out of all your OCs and why?

Anji. Anji would be the best mother out of all of them. She is kind of like the motherly figure in my eyes when it comes to my characters. I think that she would do well with all the things that parents have to deal with when it comes to raising kids and having a family.

10) Which of your OCs do you think will most likely be put in jail?
This one I really don't know! I can see a few breaking out of jail, but none really being thrown into jail. Maybe...if I had to choose I would choose um...Chapstick? Maybe Ydain... Oh heck on wheels, I do not know!

11) The eighth of your OCs was put into the future! What will their job be?

That would be Anji. She would probably still be a hunter. What kind of future? Maybe she would be a bounty hunter and collections. She might make an epic sheriff!

12) Name the first OCs catch phrase!

"Oh my golly" - Meekie, just so stinking cute!

13) Do all your OCs live together or are they separated?

LMAO! Oh I hope they don't live together! I think Meekie and Eala would be the only two to really get along. I am not really sure what would happen, though it would be interesting to put them all in a house together. Real Housewives of WoW!

14) Are there any pairings that are in your OC list? (They can't be with someone else's)

Relationship paring? No. Friends - yes. Want those?

15) Your seventh OC switched bodies with you for a day! How will they react at the end of the day?

Dopray. She would probably not like my body - she has a great one! I think that by the end of the day she would be completely miserable with who I am and what I do.

16) Your last OC just became a fifteen year old. What do they do?

Ritin...ha! I can actually picture her as a fifteen year old. She would be and uncoordinated. I think she would really stick well to that 'awkward' age.

17) Now randomly select a person on your OC list. Who was it?

I like the number 7, so that would be Dopray again.

18) That OC you just chose? Yeah they think they are Superman (even if they are a girl) and are on the roof about to jump off.

Oh my gosh...She would probably jump. She would remind me of one of those people that can jump and climb up walls (forgot what they are called). BUT she would not be stupid enough to dive off a building if she *thinks* she is superman. She is very skilled and has great dexterity.

19) Are any of your OCs bored of this meme?

Lianic is probably bored of it, maybe Park. I would say Ydain too, but she is probably zoned out and not focused on any of the crap I am doing.

20) Would your second OC prefer the beach or the mountains?

Chapstick would LOVE the beach. Anything to wear dainty little things...if anything at all. THOUGH if the mountains were snow covered she would probably be in the same attire.

21) Would your 5th OC battle a shark?

Ydain would probably not battle a shark. She tends to prefer land, so unless the shark sprouted legs and went after her on

22) Which OCs hate each other?

Oh! I never thought of this, interesting...interesting.  I guess I have to think on this.

I am sure Lianic would hate...well everyone on the list but Park. And it isn't that she hates them, she just doesn't like or trust them.

Halei and Chapstick would not get along.

Anji is disappointed and discouraged by Chapstick.

Again, things I would have to think about! :)

23) Which OC did you create first? And last?

Now, because these are WoW based characters - Eala would be my first created. But, some of these characters are characters outside of WoW too and if I went off of that Eala would be close, but Ydain would be the oldest out of all the ones listed - but I already said this is WoW based, Eala.

24) Your dad's leg!

Sadness, my dad actually just found out he has a blood clot in his leg...not cool meme, not cool.

25) And if those two were fighting, who would win?

Wait...which two?
If you are talking about Eala and Ydain - Eala would toast her easily, she wouldn't though, they have no reason to fight.

26) Bodytypes of your OCs?

HA! I just went over this with FatKittyCat a few days ago! Or... at least on some of them.

1. Meekie -- Slender and delicate
2. Chapstick -- Curvy, medium thickness
3. Eala  -- Medium build
4. Halei -- Curvy modelesk
5. Ydain -- Slender, slight curve
6. Park -- Medium, muscular
7. Dopray -- Slender toned (runner's body)
8. Anji -- Athletically muscular
9. Lianic -- Medium, muscular
10. Ritin -- Sender toned (gymnasts' body)

27) What are your first 2 OC's favorite foods?

Meekie has a very strong pallet - probably anything delicate, cake?

Chapstick um...I am not sure. Beer? Does that count as a food?

28) If your listed OCs were in a fight to the death, who would emerge victorious?

Oh creepy thought. I would say Lianic or Park would win. Lianic is okay with dying but will fight to the death (she died twice and was reborn).

29) There's a zombie attack and your OCs are stranded. Who do they elect to be their leader?

ZOMBIES OH NO! Wait...most of them are undeads. I would say Eala would be elected the leader, if not Anji would be second. Park would make a third. Good thing all three of those ladies get along.

30) During said zombie attack, who's the first to die?

Snap, um...Well I will leave the already dead ones out of this. IF it had to be down to Ydain, Chapstick, Anji, or Halei - I think the first to die might be Ydain, though..I am heartless at times, maybe Chapstick.

31) Which one of these OCs do you think would have the most fangirls/boys?

Well, Meekie is already well loved...So is Halei and Eala. BUT....out of all of them I think Chapstick would be the biggest one that would fit perfectly for fandom. Especially when I decide to give her more love LOL.

32) Okay, so does OC number four have any last thoughts?

Halei "I want something spicy served with a drink and Taveck."

33) If possible, what's your characters' heighs?

These have a GREAT chance of changing. I love my characters and my friend FatKittyCat really helps me out in developing them. SO let me see if I can remember some of these!

1. Meekie -- 5 feet 8 inches
2. Chapstick -- 7 feet 10 inches
3. Eala -- 5 feet 5 inches
4. Halei -- 5 feet 0 inches
5. Ydain -- 6 feet 4 inches
6. Park -- 5 feet 7 inches
7. Dopray -- 5 feet 5 inches
8. Anji -- 7 feet 0 inches
9. Lianic -- 5 feet 6 inches
10. Ritin -- 5 feet 6 inches

34) Can your characters dance?

Halei, Meekie, and Ritin are my dancers in the group.

35) What are your characters' ages?

These have a GREAT chance of changing. I love my characters and my friend FatKittyCat really helps me out in developing them. SO let me see if I can remember some of these!

1. Meekie -- 28 (stopped aging)
2. Chapstick -- in human years she would be about 28
3. Eala -- 30 (stopped aging)
4. Halei -- in human years she would be about 31-33
5. Ydain -- in human years she would be about 18-21
6. Park -- 35 (stopped aging)
7. Dopray -- 32 (stopped aging)
8. Anji -- in human years she would be about 40-47
9. Lianic -- 30 (stopped aging)
10. Ritin -- 30 (stopped aging)

36) What's one item that your characters couldn't be without?

1. Meekie -- Ghost (her white lion)
2. Chapstick -- N/A
3. Eala -- N/A
4. Halei -- N/A
5. Ydain -- N/A
6. Park -- N/A
7. Dopray -- Okay..this is sick...but a back up stitching kit
8. Anji -- N/A
9. Lianic -- Bunnies...SHHH don't tell anyone, it is her weakness
10. Ritin -- Ooze

37) Who are your top 3 OC's love interests?

Top three? Well how about I pick the ones that have love interests! That might be better!

Meekie is absolutely head of heals for Vintren Vintren by FatKittyCat and started to develop a crush on Sechnor candy lips and iron jaw by FatKittyCat

Ritin adores her little creeper Cenich. Cenich by FatKittyCat

Halei always get joked with that she likes an old man, but she looks younger than she really is, she ages amazingly - BUT that would be Taveck. Taveck by FatKittyCat

MIND YOU! Some of these "love" interests are only one way. NOT in the creepy way lol...that I know of...*eyes her characters*

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